Arabs visiting Auschwitz signals hope for a more honest future. EPA-EFE/ANDRZEJ GRYGIEL
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Arabs and the Holocaust: From Denial to Auschwitz

Holocaust conspiracies still abound in the Arab world, but these clerics are finally trying to shine a light in the darkness

While leaders from around the world were in Israel to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz, another unique and historical visit occurred. For the first time, a delegation of leading Arabs visited the Nazi extermination camp. Muslim World Society chairman Saudi Sheik Mohammad al-Issa visited Auschwitz last Thursday (23.1) with a delegation of leading Muslim clerics. One of the most prominent members of the delegation was the Lebanese Shi’ite Dr. Mohammed Ali El Husseini, chairman of the Supreme Islamic Council. Al-Houthi risks paying a heavy price for this visit after his statements condemning the killing of the Jews in the Holocaust. …