Bennett Comes Out Strong Against Renewed Iran Nuclear Deal

Israeli leader warns that Jewish state reserves right to take military action, even if West reaches deal with Iran

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Iran Nuclear Deal
Photo: Emil Salman/POOL

Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett reiterated at Sunday’s cabinet meeting in Jerusalem that the Jewish state will not bound by a renewed nuclear deal between Iran and Western powers. Bennett also again lambasted what Israel see’s as the West’s feeble approach to this dangerous issue.

“Our position is well-known and clear: An agreement – according to the apparent terms [now being discussed in Vienna] – will damage the ability to deal with the nuclear program. Anyone who thinks that this agreement will increase stability is mistaken,” said the Israeli leader. “It will temporarily delay enrichment but all of us in the region will pay a heavy, disproportionate price for it.”

Israel, insisted Bennett, would have to look out for itself.

“The greatest threat against the State of Israel is Iran,” he stressed. “As the government, we are responsible for dealing with the Iranian nuclear program.”

To that end, Israel has been openly preparing for military action against Iran for the past several years.

“Israel will maintain freedom of action, with or without an agreement,” Bennett concluded in what was seen and a thinly-veiled threat to Iran, and a warning to the West.

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