Israel Wary as US, West Set to Sign ‘Weak’ Iran Nuke Deal

Security officials in Jerusalem speak of “spectacularly bad” deal being negotiated in Vienna; Bennett says Israel must be ready

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Iran, Iran Nuclear Deal, JCPOA
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addresses the Iran nuclear threat during a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addresses the Iran nuclear threat during a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem. Photo: Amit Shabi/POOL

Israel is awaiting the imminent conclusion of a detrimental nuclear agreement currently being negotiated between Iran and several Western powers in Vienna.

Speaking to Channel 13 News on Friday, a senior security official said that if Israel considered the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed in 2015 to have been bad, then the new agreement being hammered out now is “spectacularly bad.”

That deal is expected to be concluded within days after the US, France and other Western powers gave Iran an ultimatum to either reach an agreement or end the talks.

According to the Israeli source, the new deal effectively ignores all the progress toward nuclear weapons that Iran has made in recent years, thereby leaving the Islamic Republic as a “nuclear threshold state.”

Under the terms of the deal as reported, Iran would reduce the processing of uranium to a low percentage in return for having sanctions lifted and assets returned.

But the duration of the deal would be just two-and-a-half years, after which Iran, which would in no way have its current nuclear capabilities stripped, could quickly and rather effortlessly emerge as a nuclear power.

Iran will go on to build “stadiums of advanced centrifuges without restrictions” upon the soon expiration of the deal, warned Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at Sunday’s cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.

He warned that Israel is “organizing and preparing for the day after [the signing of this bad deal], in all ways, so that we can maintain the security of the citizens of Israel on our own.”

Israel’s top officials have been stated without equivocation for the past several months now that it will not be bound by any deal reached in Vienna, and could still take military action against Iran on its own.

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