Biblical Site Under Threat Amid Ongoing Palestinian Construction

The Palestinian Authority paved a road and is allowing residential building at El-Unuk, a site from the times of Joshua.

By Hanan Greenwood | | Topics: Land of Israel, archaeology
The proposed location of biblical Gilgal in Samaria. Photo by Rgrobman via Wikimedia Commons.
The proposed location of biblical Gilgal in Samaria. Photo by Rgrobman via Wikimedia Commons.

Preserving the Eternal, an advocacy group that seeks to prevent the destruction of Jewish national heritage sites by Palestinians, has sounded the alarm over what appears to be a deliberate effort to destroy a key landmark in Samaria.

El-Unuk, one of the six “Gilgal” sites that were identified by the archaeologist Adam Zertal as dating to the Israelites’ entry into the land following Joshua’s conquest, is in Area B of Judea and Samaria, under Palestinian civilian control and Israeli security governance. It is in the vicinity of Nahal Tirzah, one of the streams that flows from eastern Samaria into the Jordan River, and from there to the Dead Sea.

The site is under immediate threat of destruction because of construction work being carried out by the Palestinian Authority, which has already paved a road at the complex, Preserving the Eternal told Israel Hayom.

A few weeks ago, serious damage was discovered caused by infrastructure and road construction that seems to have been carried out as preparation for a residential neighborhood or a commercial area. An inspector from Preserving the Eternal has identified a large residential building at the site. Shai Bar, a lecturer at the University of Haifa and director of an archaeological survey at the site, warned: “This is doing terrible damage at an important Iron Age site, which was revealed many years ago in a survey of Manasseh Hill.”

According to Bar, “Building on an ancient site without taking the necessary steps to preserve it is unbelievable incompetence, demonstrating a lack of governance by the authorities, who are supposed to ensure that this doesn’t happen in areas under its control. The authorities need to immediately halt the construction work and attempt to save the findings from the damaged site.”

The indiscriminate destruction of Jewish heritage sites in Judea and Samaria is a common and disturbing trend. In the best-case scenario, the PA takes control of sites and co-opts them as Palestinian. In the worst-case scenario— a common occurrence—Palestinians carry out massive and irreparable destruction.

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Adi Shragai, activities director at Preserving the Eternal, said, “Building on an archaeological site means destruction, which can’t be restored or reconstructed, with the findings being lost forever. This site, one of the most important for the beginnings of the Jewish people, has only been surveyed and not yet excavated. The [Israeli Defense Ministry’s] Civilian Administration has refused to operate in Area B, claiming that it is under Palestinian civilian authority.

“This is a site with national and global significance, and Israel has a legal and moral obligation to protect it,” Shragai continued. “The government must immediately intervene and demand that the PA and the European countries supporting the project halt the construction immediately. The Oslo Accords don’t give the PA the authority to destroy world heritage sites.”

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, said: “The PA’s goal is to wipe Jewish history from Samaria. It is barbarically destroying, crushing, breaking and eliminating another heritage site, and regretfully there is no significant response. This is a national abandonment.”


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One response to “Biblical Site Under Threat Amid Ongoing Palestinian Construction”

  1. Leann K Fuqua says:

    This is horrifying. No other countries worldwide with an archeological preservation presence and government authority to protect these sites would allow this anywhere else. The fact that western nations do not halt, but rather reinforce this destruction is an example of their attempts to eliminate Jewish heritage and continue to persecute those of the Judeo-Christian faith. This is precisely how they have been able to rewrite history over the last 20 years.

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