Breastfeeding – It’s the ‘Right’ Thing To Do

Progressives have revealed the depths of their dystopian vision with their most outlandish argument yet

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“Breastfeeding? You have aligned yourself with the extreme right” – this is not a joke, but the headline of a “thoughtful” column published on July 4 in the daily newspaper Haaretz. It could have been a joke if not for Haaretz devotees enthusiastically embracing almost anything the newspaper prints. Given this, the column points to the direction that Israeli progressives would like Israeli society to go.

The trigger for this bizarre column (and others expressing similar ideas) was a Health Ministry initiative encouraging more Israeli mothers to breastfeed in hopes of increasing the numbers from 59 percent today to 97 percent by 2020. But, apparently, what is common sense for normal people constitutes an outrageous notion in the minds of progressives, who now see in breastfeeding a sinister right-wing plot to thwart the progressive dystopia.

Fortunately, progressives have become so confident that they have dropped their guard in their all-out attack on common sense and traditional values. In the past, progressives utilized covert tactics to plant the seeds of their revolution in state institutions. They accomplished that mainly through human rights NGOs and handsome scholarships to promising students in social science and law faculties. Now that these seeds have taken deep root (students have become key figures in the legal system, for example), they can afford to paint their goals on large signs for all to see.

Breastfeeding, according to our progressives, “is a code word for violence exercised against those opposing this one-dimensional one-way propaganda” because, in case you didn’t know, “breasts are the most effective tool for the subjugation of women.” Breastfeeding, therefore is indicative of a regressive society: “The more the right tightens its governmental grip, the more grows the yearning for traditional family values … where women are expected to fulfill their ‘natural’ role.” Therefore, so goes the progressive logic, “all those in favor of breastfeeding are suspected of aligning themselves, perhaps unwittingly, with the darkest forces in Israel, with hidden homophobia, or at least a lack of understanding of what the family nucleus in this present age is.” 

In the future, the argument continues, the word “nature” will become a thing of the past. What’s today considered natural and normative will be considered strange and primitive in this progressive hereafter, where “babies drinking battery fluid will be born out of plastic tubes.”

Outlining their vision so clearly, progressives are no longer looking for a socialist utopia. This is a thing of the past. They want nothing to do with Marx or Herbert Marcuse. Today, progressives are fighting for a post-human world where each and every individual will be able to develop a one-of-a-kind identity. The post-human world they are hoping for will look very much like those science fiction movies depicting cities filled with mutants and cyborgs and freaks of all shapes and sizes that have nothing in common. Progressives, in short, want the world to revert to a state of chaos, which is why the local Israeli chapter so hate God and Judaism.


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