Archaeological find sheds light on capitalism in time of Jesus. Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Capitalism and Jesus

Did He support a free market economy? Or did Israel and her Messiah prefer sharing wealth in order to make sure everyone had a fair chance?


A recent archeological find sheds light on how the local economy in Jerusalem worked during the times of Jesus (Yeshua).

Shopping at the Temple 

Pilgrims traveling back and forth to the Temple in Jerusalem stopped to buy food from markets set up along the way. Especially during the festivals, when entire families and tribes came up to worship, these little grocery stores provided essential produce for the thronging crowds. 

Did these shop keepers raise the prices during the holiday season like most businesses do today? To what extent were capitalist profits allowed in ancient Israel?

An ancient sales counter

Stone countertop found in Jerusalem sheds light on capitalism in times of Jesus.

The discovery of a...


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