Cat Exhibition 2015; No, Israel’s Not All Conflict

It might seem silly to most, but the upcoming Cat Expo in Tel Aviv shows how Israel can be ‘normal’ even in time of conflict

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The following is a press release for the upcoming 2015 Cat Exhibition to be held in Tel Aviv. While the content will be somewhat humorous to most, and might seem out of place on Israel Today, it serves to demonstrate that even in the midst of incessant terrorism, life goes on in Israel.

The international cat exposition never ceases to amaze, with a new variety of unique pedigree cats, activities and prizes.

Cats with six fingers, curly fur, a “dog-cat”, giant Maine Coon cats, Bengali cats with tiger-like fur, cats with no tail, a cat with one blue eye and one green eye – the world’s most unique cats are all coming to Israel, for the 2015 Cat Exhibition!

Tens of pedigree cats, from various species across the world, will partake in the “2015 Cat Exhibition.” The international event takes place Saturday, October 17th. The show is sponsored by the voluntary association NICA (New Israeli Cat Alliance), under the international organization TICA, and in cooperation with Royal Canin, the experts on quality food products for pets.

The top three award-winning cats will win luxurious prizes.

For the first time at the Cat Exhibition, the only cat psychologist in Israel (diploma holder) will be on hand to give guidance and counsel to cat owners!

Unlike other cat exhibitions around the world, in addition to the pedigree cat competition, a second event will be held, where non-pedigree house cats will compete for luxurious prizes as well! The purpose, stated NICA chairwoman Mrs. Viktoria Strodobchev, is to raise awareness for defending stray cats, as well as nurture pedigree house cats.

“Snow in the Middle of Summer”

For the first time at the Cat Exhibition, a special show featuring various species of white cats will be held: Persian, Exotic, Oriental, British, Scottish Fold, Canadian Sphynx, Devon Rex.

The cat enthusiasts that arrive at the exhibition can deepen their acquaintance with their favorite felines, learn closely about the differences between species and the advantages of each, receive counsel and guidance from a professional veterinarian regarding the manner in which cats should be nurtured and groomed, participate in the various activities for children and much more.


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