MembersChanges Ahead: Beware!

We who live through such times cannot always know where they will lead, or what changes they may bring, but we can embrace the potential they offer

Changes on the horizon
Photo: Anat Hermony/Flash90

Will the pandemic the world is fighting change how we live in the future? How will history remember this period? We may never fully understand the changes we face, but we might get some clarity from thinking about the other dramatic upheaval we are living through – the digital revolution.

As new technologies change the way we communicate, older methods are disappearing, and the digital world is now so much a part of our every day lives we can hardly imagine living without it, even as our dependence on digital communications increases daily.

We watch in real-time how the digital revolution is changing the ways we learn and go to school, how we buy and sell, and how we interact socially with one another. These changes are radically transforming every aspect of our lives, and still, we remain unsure where this is all leading us.

What we can do is look back at earlier time when our ways of communicating changed radically and how that impacted society and what changes it engendered. When the printing press was built, it allowed us...

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