MembersChildren of Mixed Marriages and the Future of Messianic Jews in Israel

In earlier generations, a great many Messianic Jews married Gentile wives. What’s to become of their children?

By David Lazarus | | Topics: MESSIANIC JEWS
Illustration. Photo: Gershon Elinson/Flash90

Many (if not most) Messianic Jewish leaders in Israel have married Gentile wives. It is fair to say that for the most part this was not to avoid the burdens of Jewish existence, nor with intention to assimilate (though that is often the result). The proof is that most continue to live in Israel and identify as Jews.

In the early years and until today, marriage between a Jew and Gentile in the Messianic movement was seen as an expression of the unity they find in their Messianic faith. For the earlier generation of Messianics in Israel, it was hard to find a believing spouse among the small number of Messianic Jews in the Land, and many married Gentiles (quite happily, I might add).

A matter of concern facing many within the movement is the Jewish identity of their children and grandchildren, particularly when the wife is Gentile, and her children are not officially recognized as Jewish. See related: Rabbi, Help, I’ve Fallen in Love With a Christian!

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