China Ups the Ante in Battle for Israeli Hearts and Minds Illustration - GPO

China Ups the Ante in Battle for Israeli Hearts and Minds

The great powers of the world seek to woo the tiny Jewish state. Does that seem prophetic to anyone else?


It’s the kind of thing that Bible-believers expect once the Messianic age begins. Israel will be the center of the world, the throne of God on earth, and all nations will vie for her attention, support and partnership.

Interestingly enough, we are beginning to see this happen already today. Messiah has not yet established his rule from Jerusalem, but already the great powers of the world are paying Israel disproportionate heed.

Sometimes that attention is quite negative. But still, the fact that this tiny sliver of a nation is such a focal point for the whole of the international community should already tell you something.

For decades Israel has been a major electoral issue in the United States. It is even rumored that presidents were able to tip the vote in their favor based largely, if not solely on their position vis-a-vis the Jewish state. Even at a state level, gubernatorial candidates in the US are careful to cultivate a strong pro-Israel record lest they lose the vote of Bible-believing Christians.


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