Emotional Meeting Between Israeli Girl and the Chinese Man Who Saved Her

An example of the power of a simple human story to bring hearts and peoples together

By Yossi Aloni | | Topics: China

Hundreds of millions of Chinese were exposed to an exciting encounter between an Israeli who was hit by an earthquake and the Chinese citizen who saved her life: “This is a powerful way to close the circle,” Maayan Savag said. “I was reborn on the day of the earthquake thanks to a Chinese man who saved me and changed my life.”

It is not only a life-saving experience for the young Israel who was visiting China during the earthquake 13 years ago, but also “an event that change my life forever,” she said.

Maayan shared the story of her miraculous survival being engulfed by the great earthquake in China in an online meeting organized by the Israeli consulate with the young Chinese man who saved her.

Maayan and Jiang Wei at the time of the earthquake.

The investigative program on the state-run CCTV channel, watched by hundreds of millions across China, aired an extensive investigative report on the online encounter on the anniversary of the 2008 earthquake that struck western China’s Sichuan Province in 2008, and which registered 8 on the Richter Scale and took the lives of 90,000 people.

Maayan was in the building of a restaurant whose roof collapsed at the time. She was considered missing for three days. Maayan was injured in the trachea, could not eat or drink and suffered significant bleeding. Rescuers were unable to reach the place because the roads were blocked. After two days she realized that if she did not do something she would die. She started walking and the first person she saw she asked him to save her. It was Jiang Wei who simply carried her in his arms for more than ten hours across the blocked mountain ridge to where the rescue forces were. There she was operated on at the Chinese Hospital where her life was saved.

The Consul General of Israel in western China, Ran Peleg, said: “We were surprised by the intensity of the interest in the online meeting between Jiang Wei and Maayan. Many sympathetic reactions were shared by celebrities, leading investigative programs and people across the country. I think this is an example of the power of a simple human story to bring hearts and peoples together, no less than a political agreement or a senior diplomatic meeting.”

During the meeting, the consul presented a tribute to the State of Israel on which was engraved a Chinese proverb paralleling the Jewish saying: ”Anyone who saves one soul it is as if he had saved the whole world.”

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