Christians Work With Israeli Doctors to Heal Muslim Children David Silverman/Flash90

Christians Work With Israeli Doctors to Heal Muslim Children

As the leader of an Israeli Messianic Jewish congregation in Israel, it was a life-changing experience for me to visit a home in Jaffa where local Christians are caring for sick children from Iraq, Syria and the Gaza Strip.


Quietly, away from the cameras, these dear believers have been bringing Muslim children in need of emergency heart surgery for free treatment in an Israeli hospital for over 20 years. They call their organization Shevet Achim, which comes from the Hebrew in Psalm 133, “How pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.”


“It started when I met a small boy who was not an Israeli citizen in the emergency room of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem,” the director told me (he prefers to remain anonymous). “The boy needed immediate heart surgery, but the hospital told his parents that without insurance or money to pay, their child would be left to die. I wanted this child to understand that he is just as valuable as any other, so we found a way to pay for his surgery.”


Since that incident, the organization has helped over 2,000 Muslim children from across the Middle East get the help...


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