MembersCourage! The Woke West Has It, Why Can’t We?

In the wake of Ben Shapiro’s visit to Israel: What is the definition of courage, and why the survival of the Messianic movement depends on it.

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I am by no means saying the body of Messiah is cowardly. In actuality, choosing to be part of a small minority, despite the persecution Messianic Jews have suffered throughout the centuries, is by nature an act of bravery.

But a different brand of persecution has arrived on the scene in recent years, one that, on the surface, doesn’t initially seem malevolent.

This time around, it is much craftier in nature and seems almost to be a welcomed alternative to a more violent type of persecution where buildings are burnt to the ground or people are violently attacked or killed for their faith (although it could escalate to that).

This type of persecution comes in the form of online bullying, social rejection, being boycotted and publicly ‘canceled,’ and threatened with lawsuits and job termination on the grounds of disagreements over moral standards and liberal work policies.

I’m talking about persecution at the hands of the ‘Woke’ movement.

Surprisingly enough, their overall message is ‘for people’ and not ‘against,’ claiming ‘love is love’ as they compassionately embrace the unaccepted.

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