MembersDecreasing Sympathy for the Palestinian Cause

“Even billions of dollars cannot persuade us to give up on Jerusalem,” Mahmoud Abbas declared recently.

By Aviel Schneider |
Photo: AP

Palestinian sources announced that the government in Ramallah had been offered large sums of money to enter into a compromise with Israel regarding control of Jerusalem. The American “Deal of the Century” has been categorically rejected by the Palestinians. Abbas instead refers to US President Donald Trump’s still-unpublished peace scheme as “the slap of the century.”

Palestinian politicians admit that they are disappointed with the other Arab countries, most of which today pay little more than lip service to the Palestinian cause. “Arab governments, all of them Muslim, are leaving us in the lurch,” the Palestinian advisor for Religious Affairs, Mahmoud Habash, complained.

The Palestinians are particularly furious with Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Of late, both countries have boosted cooperation with Israel, while giving something of a cold shoulder to the Palestinian Authority....

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