“Defender of Israel” Award Given to Pastor John Hagee

“When you love someone, you don’t just tell them, you show them”

By Yossi Aloni | | Topics: CHRISTIANS, Christian Zionism
Photo: Hannah Tiv

John Hagee, considered one of Israel’s greatest lovers and defenders in the United States, was presented with the Magen Israel Prize by the Begin Conference for National Security. “I tell Americans, when you love someone, you don’t just tell them, you show them. We show it to the Israelis all the time, as much as possible and we always stand by them, especially now that she needs our support against Iran!” Hagee said.

The conference was held at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, marking the 30th anniversary of the former prime minister’s passing.

When receiving the prize, Hagee said: “The Israelis never occupied this land, it belongs to them from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Menachem Begin took a crucial part in the expulsion of the British from the State of Israel, and God bless him for it. When I met him, as Prime Minister, I was surprised by the simplicity of his furniture. He came into the room and looked like a college professor, but he had a tremendous amount of power that was hard to explain in words. When he ordered the bombing of the Iraqi reactor, the media in the United States attacked it, and I realized that this was the moment to organize an evening in which we would encourage Israel and respect its importance. It was the first night of a long tradition of evenings, and to this day we have raised tens of millions of dollars for the benefit of the state. Because when you love someone, you show them, you don’t just talk about it.”

World Zionist Organization chairman, Yaakov Hagoel, said: “Antisemitism is raising its head all over the world today, especially in the United States every year it is getting harder and harder to be a Jew.”

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