Desert Hike Day 5: Watching for Rain, Welcoming the Shabbat

It started raining in Israel today, which meant we had to be on the lookout for flash flooding, but that didn’t deter the fun

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Today we slept in…until 7 o'clock.

While it is already raining heavily in most of the country, here the sun still shines on us. However, because of the rain elsewhere, we had to alter our course so as to not endanger the group by hiking in the path of possible flash floods.

Our route today takes us to the Saharonim Spring, then through the Nekarot stream and on to the ancient spice road that was the source of so much wealth for the Nabatean civilization. A little way along that road, we find, and climb, Mt. Saharonim, and watch as those precious rains wash over the land.

We planned to go a bit slower this day, so as to be to change our route at a moment's notice due to any flash flooding in the area, a constant concern in the south of Israel during the rainy season.

In the evening, we prepare for the unique experience of welcoming the Shabbat in this biblical desert, just as our forefathers did so many millennia ago.

Shabbat Shalom!

Starting the day with a hearty breakfast.

Then a group prayer for safety as we traverse the wilderness.

And we’re off again!

Some additional shots:

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If you’d still like to join us for this special experience, our English-language hike will be departing Sde Boker on December 2, and concluding in Eilat on December 9.

There are still a few places left!

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