Don’t Jewish Refuges Deserve Justice, Too?

While making Palestinian refugees a cause célèbre, most forget that just as many Jews were forced to flee

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: Refugees

On November 30, the State of Israel commemorated the flight of 900,000 Jews from Muslim countries.

More than two years ago, the Israeli government appointed a committee (70 years too late) to estimate the value of Jewish property lost to Arab countries due to the persecutions, detentions, harassments and ultimate expulsion from the countries in which they lived.

While the Palestinian refugee problem is well known and repeated ad nauseum around the world, few in the West are aware that close to a million Jews became refugees when they were kicked out of Arab countries just as Israel was being established. Some of these refugees made Aliyah to Israel with Zionist fervor. Most, however, fled for their lives.

The properties of these Jews born in Arab nations is estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and includes buildings owned by the Jewish communities in dozens of Arab countries, spectacular synagogues, factories and private properties that were confiscated. 

Every time the State of Israel was forced to go to war with the Arab countries (in 1948, 1967, 1973), they took revenge on their Jewish citizens, forcing them to become refugees. The peak of harassment came from Egypt and Iraq, where tens of thousands of Jews were expelled following racist legislation similar to Nazi Germany’s Nuremburg laws. According to the legislation, Jews who sought to leave Egypt and Iraq were forced to sign waivers to any rights over their property and agree never to return to the lands in which they had lived for more than 3,000 years, long before the Arab Islamic invasions. In Syria, the state expropriated all Jewish property and forced the Jews out before they had a chance to sell any of their assets.

Those who claim that the Jews of Arab countries lived in peace and security in a so-called “Golden Age” are promoting a false narrative. In most Arab countries there were regular pogroms against the Jews, not to mention random murders, abductions and torture. 

With the backdrop of Islam’s belligerence toward Christians around the Middle East in clear sight, we should remember the common expression that many Muslims have been saying for generations: “First we will deal with the Sabbath people, and then with the Sunday people.” Their intention being to kill the Jews first, and then eliminate the Christians from all Islamic lands.

Anyone who follows what’s happening around the Middle East today cannot ignore the fact that minorities, especially Jews and Christians, are quickly vanishing.


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