Drumming Bride Causes Uproar on Israeli Social Media

Orthodox Judaism forbids women to perform in front of men, something most Israelis find laughable

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Nineteen-year-old Shira Hershkovitz dreamed of playing drums at her own wedding. Earlier this month, she made that dream come true, to the outrage and dismay of Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jewish authorities.

Toward the end of the wedding reception, Hershkovitz took to the stage to play a short set with the band hired for the event, the Yoeli Dickman Orchestra.

Hershkovitz rocked, to say the least.

But Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jewish authorities that provide the kosher license to the event hall where the wedding was taking place were less than impressed.

A video clip of the young bride drumming quickly made the rounds on social media, catching the attention of the rabbinical authorities, who reportedly demanded to know why the event hall hadn't cut off the electricity the moment Hershkovitz started to play. Orthodox Judaism prohibits women from performing in front of men.

Both the event hall and the band have reportedly apologized over this "terrible offense."

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