Egyptian Activist: Arabs Are Jealous of Israel

Outspoken Egyptian says conflict is not really about land, but rooted in Arab envy of Israel’s strength and accomplishments

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Sherif Gaber, a 22-year-old Egyptian man who made a name for himself in 2013 by denouncing Islam, has released a new Arabic-language YouTube video explaining why he admires and supports Israel in its conflict with the Arab world.

Gaber explained that just four years ago, in 2011, he was among the great many Egyptians ready to answer the call for a “Third Palestinian Uprising” in which the entire Arab world would unite in a final attack on Israel.

But that was when “I was a dumb Muslim,” explained Gaber.

Fortunately, Gaber took the time to try to really understand the situation. Even before accepting Israel’s right to the land, he imagined a reality in which there was no Israel, or in which Israel had been defeated. His conclusion? There was no chance “Palestine” would have made half as good a use of the land as Israel had.

Gaber likened the situation to a mute man finding a microphone, and then a second man who can speak just fine comes along and wants the microphone. “If you think about it rationally,” insisted the young Egyptian, “you’ll find that Israel, or the guy who can use the mic, is the one who should take it because it will benefit him personally, along with the guy who could not use it.”

He then went on to briefly list just some of Israel’s disproportionate achievements, especially in the fields of science and technology, as well as its population growth, increased agricultural output and expanding industrial production, all while reducing its consumption of key natural resources.

A Palestinian state, on the other hand, “would be just like any other Arab country…that robs its people,” warned Gaber.

He concluded by noting that even if the Arab world somehow miraculously defeated and destroyed Israel, nothing would change because, contrary to the claims of the international community, the true source of the Muslim world’s anger isn’t Jewish sovereignty over the land.

Israel’s accomplishment “in a very short amount of time is evidence of the intelligence and strength of the Israelis,” explained Gaber. “And this shows us how weak the surrounding countries actually are. …All this anger and violent resentment is about envy. Deep inside that anger and resentment you actually find great admiration [for Israel]…because they wish their countries could one day be like it.”


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