MembersLIVE Tour Of Ein Gedi, Judea’s Magical Desert

For those of you who missed it, join us for this live recording of our visit to the unique biblical desert where so much of the Bible’s story unfolds

By Israel Today Staff |
Photo: Sharona Liman

The Judean Desert is Jerusalem’s wilderness secret “hiding place,” a refuge from the battles, politics and corruption of Jerusalem, where prophets, priests, psalmists and kings found refuge in its isolation. The most famous to escape to its scorpion- and snake-infested environs was David, the Bible’s most unlikely hero.


Paul Nuret/Flash90

A video recording of the tour can be viewed below ↓

Hide me in the cleft of the rock

Peek over a single ridge to the east of the Holy City and you come face to face with the dry, desolate, mountainous wilderness, a harsh, unforgiving desert, with rain fall next to none and scorching temperatures.

And yet, as extreme as it is, this desert is small, or to be exact, narrow and can be crossed on a donkey in a day. These two features – the small dimensions and its proximity to the political, economic, and religious center of the world make the Judean Desert environ extraordinaire. A place to make...

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