MembersEXCLUSIVE: The Role of Young Arabs in Fighting Antisemitism and Supporting Israel

“We believe that those young Arabs who dare to think differently and bypass decades of hatred are the best hope for their societies”

By Rami Dabbas | | Topics: Arab World
Illustration. Young Arabs are increasingly joining their Jewish counterparts in defending Israel and combatting antisemitism. Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

With the signing of the Abraham Accords and the beginning of a new era in Arab-Israeli relations, many from across the Arab world began to visit and get to know Israel. In return Israelis visited the UAE, Morocco and the various other countries that agreed to normalize relations.

This did not happen in a vacuum. For years many Israeli and Jewish organizations have been actively promoting peace and normalization between the State of Israel and the Arab world. Many of these organizations have even attracted Arabs from neighboring countries to join and work with them in supporting Israel’s right to exist and combatting antisemitism.

Israel Today contacted Rose Rothenstein, head of StandWithUs, who in turn transferred us to the organization’s media spokesperson, who is Egyptian – Hussein Abu Bakr. In addition to his role as media spokesman for StandWithUs, Hussein is a professor of political science. He is an Egyptian immigrant to Israel who fled his homeland years ago with the help of the Coptic Christians.

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