MembersFather Abraham

We are living the consequences of Genesis 17.

By Dov & Tehilah Chaikin |
HE CAVE OF MACHPELAH was a pledge to Abraham of what was to come—the Promised Land Photo: Flash90

Time is “round”: We always come back to basic designs. They prove to be living patterns which find all kinds of expressions. We experience a particular time of visitation and new insight. What is the real identity of Isaac and Ishmael? How do we relate to the reality of it today? We are taking the opportunity to learn in new situations and are mindful of all the others who are facing new situations.


For Israel’s Arabs, the notion of loyalty may be further complicated with an autonomous Palestinian entity next door. One leading Arab writer, a Communist, a former member of the Knesset (parliament), related that people ask him where his loyalties would lie. “Will you be Israeli? Palestinian? Arab?”


For Israel’s Arabs, the prospect of peace is overshadowed by fear which they are reluctant to articulate. The same writer said he had heard many Israeli Jews, even “veteran peaceniks,” fearing for an Israel floating or drowning in a sea of peace—and Arabs...

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