First Group of Ukrainian Jews on the Way to Israel

Thousands more looking to make Aliyah amidst Russia-Ukraine war

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Ukraine, Aliyah
On their way home. Jews from Ukraine en route to Israel.
On their way home. Jews from Ukraine en route to Israel. Photo: Jewish Agency

As expected, the war in Ukraine triggered a wave of immigration to Israel.

Yesterday a first group of new immigrants from Ukraine arrived in Poland with the help of emissaries from the Jewish Agency. From there they will then fly on to Israel to find a new home. Other groups are to follow.

The Jewish Agency announced that it will open six Israel Immigration (Aliyah) check-in stations at Ukraine’s border crossings with four countries: Poland, Moldova, Romania and Hungary. These stations are intended to immediately support the expected waves of immigration due to the war in Ukraine.

From the beginning of the war, the Jewish Agency operated from a central Aliyah station in Lviv. The first group of olim (immigrants) who were able to enter Poland yesterday with the help of Israeli envoys from the Jewish Agency started from here.

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