Food Trucks Come to Jerusalem

The trendy “food truck” will finally roll into Jerusalem this summer after a long battle with Health Ministry regulators, kosher certifiers and municipal planners.

By Israel Today Staff |
Food Truck
A new culinary experience in the capital

The capital’s narrow, crowded and busy streets were seen as an obstacle to the well-liked mobile diners, but popular demand prevailed and a fleet of five to seven trucks will begin serving Jerusalemites and tourists around the city.

Food vehicles, cars and even horse drawn wagons have been popular in Israel for decades bringing sandwiches, hotdogs, cold drinks, coffee and snacks to hungry soldiers out in the field, parched beachgoers and weary drivers on the road. Most of these show up suddenly, unexpected, without a permit, and disappear just as fast. The fancy new food trucks will be fully licensed and offer a variety of freshly-cooked traditional and international cuisine at business districts, industrial areas and residential neighborhoods around the capital. Those famished soldiers, however, will still be waiting around hoping, and praying, for the old-fashioned surprise visit

Food Truck


A new culinary experience in the capital


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