Gaza’s Terror Kites are Becoming a Real Problem for Israel

Thousands of acres have been burned by flaming Palestinian terror kites, even as the world still blames Israel

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It's a problem currently without a solution. And it's costing the Palestinians next to nothing to cause extensive damage to southern Israel.

While Israel's military might is able to halt a mass infiltration, and it's advanced technology can knock nearly every missile out of the sky, the Jewish state at present has no answer to the flaming "terror kites" Palestinians are flying into the southern Negev region with greater frequency.

Hamas-encouraged Palestinian activists fix a normal kite with a Molotov cocktail or other incendiary device and then let the wind do the rest by carrying it over the border into southern Israel, where thousands of acres of fields and farmland have been scorched by this latest terror tactic.

All Israel seems able to do for now is battle the blazes as best it can, something the dry summer heat is not making easy.

Meanwhile, international mainstream media has hardly covered the terror kites, even as it continues to suggest Israel is hurting the Palestinian rioters in Gaza for no good reason.

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