Got a Problem With Israel? Talk to This Arab Pastor

Is Israel perfect? No. But a local Arab pastor explains why that’s not the point

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Christian Zionism
Arab pastor explains why he supports Israel.
Photo: Illustration - Ben Kelmer/FLASH90

A generation ago, Israel’s rebirth and miraculous military victories were seen unquestionably as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy by a majority of Evangelical Christians.

That’s less and less true today, as a growing number of younger Evangelicals align with various social justice movements that have adopted the notion that Israel is a human rights abuser.

And if the modern State of Israel is so sinful, it surely can have no connection to the biblical Israel, or to God’s future plans of redemption.

There are many Christian and Messianic Jewish voices that rebuke this new brand of Replacement Theology, and do so effectively.

One of the more surprising and significant given his ethnic background is Pastor Shmuel Aweida, the Arab leader of a local Messianic congregation in Israel.

On Israel’s Independence Day last month, Pastor Aweida delivered one of the more powerful sermons I’ve ever heard regarding Israel’s continued divine mandate and role in God’s purposes for the world.

Israel Today translated much of the sermon with Pastor Aweida’s permission. Go check it out: “Messianic Arab Pastor Celebrates God’s Hand on Israel”


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