Is Christian Zionism Misguided?

Israel’s rebirth was a blow to Replacement Theology, but today Christian Zionism is again on the defensive.

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: CHRISTIANS, Christian Zionism
Christian Zionism helped Israel through its early years of rebirth, but now seems to be waning.
Christian Zionism helped Israel through its early years of rebirth, but now seems to be waning. Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

There’s no question the birth of the Jewish State in 1948, followed by such miraculous victories as the Six-Day War, caused many Christians to sense a paradigm shift had taken place in the heavenlies. That after 19 long, painful centuries God was again intervening on behalf of the Jews.

This understanding delivered a crippling blow to the lie of Replacement Theology. Because how could this be happening if God had indeed replaced the Jewish people with the Church as His only covenant people, as RT taught?

Christian Zionism, which had always been a small stream within Christendom, suddenly became a raging river of support. Worldwide ministries like the ICEJ, Friends of Israel and CUFI sprang up. The words of Isaiah to “comfort, comfort My people” were seen as a mandate for the Church today to stand with both the beleaguered state and Jews worldwide – prayerfully, economically and politically. Tens of thousands flocked to Jerusalem to say, “God loves you!”

But now, decades later, doubts have crept in. Whispered questions demanding answers. Like, if God brought the Jews home, why don’t they live more godly? Why is abortion allowed? Why do we see hedonism, materialism and even blatant sexual perversions on display? Why don’t they give God more glory for their military and economic successes, rather than tout their own ingenuity and strength? And although it’s the only country in the Middle East where Christianity is growing, why is freedom to share the gospel still hindered?

Adding to these disturbing thoughts is the steady acid drip of those who slander Israel as an oppressor nation that built its state on stolen Arab land. And enforces apartheid policies.

It’s no wonder even many Christians Zionists are asking what will it take to bring Israel to her knees? Worse, wondering if God was ever in this restoration, as others have argued.

The problem lies not with them, but us. The poison of Replacement Theology is still with us. For by such judgmental demands we are embracing the same hypocritical attitudes of the nations that hold the Jews to a higher standard in order to condemn them. We point a self-righteous finger at their imperfect society, conveniently forgetting these same things are rampant in our own so-called Christian nations. And churches.

And we judge their spiritual qualifications as if we had earned our own righteousness in Messiah. Did God require us to clean up our sin first to come to Yeshua? Or did He instead grant us the grace to repent so He could forgive us? Well, He promised the Jews no less when He said, “a deliverer will come from Zion to remove ungodliness from Jacob” (Rom. 11:26).

My advice, dear Christian, is have patience. And do not doubt what you first believed. God is still working. Hundreds of promises throughout the Bible assure us – and them – of the restoration of Israel prior to the coming of Messiah’s kingdom.

And if it is not now, when?


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5 responses to “Is Christian Zionism Misguided?”

  1. Franciscus says:

    With the new government in Israel, I get excited because, Israel has changed direction back toward HaShem. I may not be in total agreement with it but it’s going in the right direction, unlike most of our Western governments.

  2. Annette Leon says:

    If Israel is a light unto the Nations, and yet so much has to be learnt within. If the word light was changed to mirror which is a reflection of light, just maybe what happens in Israel is a mirror for the world to reflect on and why.
    It maybe that the world has to learn by what IS HAPPENING in Israel and put its own house in order first, meaning Christianity, and its attitude and claims inluding Theology.
    The world has to clean up its act first.
    Outside of Christianity in another distorted practice, one of the other of the three religions mentioned on this site, the good of it needs to take responsibility and take control over the evil practiced in its name, just as Christianity has owned its evil practices of its past .
    What is the real and what is the reflection ? Just my musings that I don’t understand fully myself.???? ????

  3. Robert's World says:

    Maybe I am not in the “streams” that the writer is referencing. I haven’t heard of Christian Zionists putting down Israel or complaining of her “hypocrisy, pride, etc”.
    Romans 9-11 would remind us all for the need to extend much grace and mercy.
    Gentiles are not the roof, but grafted in branches.

  4. Masami Cobley says:

    Indeed, “patient” is the word for us who look forward to seeing the Jewish people who are already gathered in Israel to receive a new heart that would recognise their God and Messiah clearly.

    I believe that the Lord Jesus is in the process of fulfilling Isaiah 49:6. Changing the hearts of some Orthodox Rabbis towards Yeshua, and the new government to bring Hebrew Bible Studies back into the secularised High School curriculum are the two examples of the Lord’s slow but steading workings among His people.

  5. hdfuerst says:


    The evangelists who insist on the boundaries for Israel as foretold in Ezekiel 42 are in harmony with God. Anyone who believes in the Bible must demand this.
    These believers are absolutely right. No yielding with the enemies of Israel!
    Anyone who gives in to this does not believe in God’s Word. God only helps those who believe in and uphold His Word.

    Die Evangelisten, die auf den Grenzen für Israel bestehen, wie sie in Hesekiel 42 vorausgesagt wurden, sind im Einklang mit Gott. Wer an die Bibel glaubt, muss das fordern.
    Diese Gläubigen haben absolut Recht. Kein Nachgeben mit den Feinden Israels!
    Wer da nachgibt, glaubt nicht an Gottes Wort. Gott steht nur denen bei, die an sein Wort glauben und es unterstützen.

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