Grassroots Tour of the Holy Land


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Photo: Joanna Comely

Dear Israel Today,

I did “the tour” of Israel and Jordan in 2012 and knew then I would return in 2016. This time I wanted to see the “real” Israel so I stayed in guest houses, kibbutzim and B&Bs. I travelled on public transport and stayed in a few places for two to six days: Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Galilee and the Golan Heights.

The highlights were: 1) dawns alone at Jaffa, the Mount of Olives, Mount Arbel near the Sea of Galilee, and Mount Carmel in Haifa; 2) celebrating Passover with a family in a kibbutz on the Golan Heights, and seeing the difficulty of following Jewish tradition without a biblical understanding of what it all means; 3) catching the eye of a tired tourist and raising a smile!

At Mount Arbel, I wondered if this was where our Lord was transfigured. Then, as I was reading Israel Today [see May 2016 edition], I discovered that I was not alone in thinking this!

Traveling alone enabled me to have long conversations on buses and trains with the locals. I had three amazing weeks in Israel, meeting wonderful people: soldiers, grandmothers, Arabs and Jews.

Joanna Comely, New Zealand


A former army outpost facing Mount Hermon


A former army outpost facing Mount Hermon

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