MembersHamas and the Taliban are Coordinating Plans for Islamic Takeover

How the Taliban is now a source of inspiration for Hamas’ war with Israel

By Rachel Avraham | | Topics: Afghanistan, Taliban
Photo: John Smith/Shutterstock

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, Hamas issued an announcement congratulating the “Muslim Afghan people” on “the expulsion of the American occupation from all the Afghan lands” and also congratulated “the Taliban movement and its courageous leadership” for “the victory that is the jewel in the crown of the ongoing jihad it has waged for the past 20 years,” as reported by MEMRI.

The statement wished “the Muslim Afghan people and its leadership” unity, stability, and prosperity in the country and stressed that “the expulsion of the Americans’ and their allies’ occupation proves that the resistance of the [occupied] peoples – first and foremost our fighting Palestinian people – will end in victory and in the actualization of its goals.”

MEMRI noted that the Hamas terror organization has had a relationship with the Taliban spanning over the past year at least. Gazan journalists have tweeted photos recently of Hamas...

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