Hamas Gets Taste of Its Own Medicine in Gaza Suicide Bombing

Top Hamas field commander killed, more wounded by ISIS suicide bomber along Egypt border

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Hamas popularized the use of suicide bomb attacks as a more effective way of murdering Israeli men, women and children.

So it was with a small degree of satisfaction that Israelis learned at the weekend that a top Hamas commander in Gaza had been killed by an ISIS suicide bomber.

The attack occurred on Thursday morning along the Gaza-Egypt border.

Four members of a local ISIS cell were trying to cross from Gaza into the Egyptian Sinai when they were apparently stopped by both Hamas security personnel and the Egyptian military.

One of the ISIS terrorists later identified as Mustafa Kullab then detonated his bomb vest, killing the Hamas commander and wounding five of his men.

Kullab was revealed to have been a former Hamas member who was apparently left disillusioned by the group. His victim was Nidal al-Jaafari, a member of Hamas' "elite" forces and commander of the snipers' division.

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