Hamas: Goal Remains Israel’s Destruction

Hamas is not moderating. It still seeks Israel destruction, and it says so openly for those with ears to hear

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Delusional Western figures like Jimmy Carter continue to claim that radical Islamist groups like Hamas are “moderating” and must today be seen as part of the solution, not the problem.

But Hamas itself is saying something very different, if only the international talking heads would listen.

“The Palestinians, wherever they are (ie. Israeli Arabs, too), do not accept dividing their land,” senior Hamas official Yahya Mousa told a gathering in Gaza last week. “We all have to declare that resistance (ie. terrorism) is the only path to return our land and to restore our stolen rights.”

The Palestinian news agency Al Qassam further quoted Mousa as encouraging all local Arabs to support and expand the current wave of terrorist violence, “because it is the way to return our rights, and to achieve our national goals.”

This week, the head of Hamas’ women’s movement, Faiza Al-Nashar, in remarks to the newspaper Palestine praised the young generation of local Arabs who are “going out to cut off the hands and slaughter the heads of those who attack the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

In other words, keep stabbing Jews who visit Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

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