MembersHamas May Have No Choice But to Attack Israel, Soon

Hamas is feeling the pressure like never before.

By Israel Today Staff |
Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Even while being pounded by Israeli bombs, the terror group was never in so much trouble as it is today.


Conflict with Israel may temporarily thin Hamas’ numbers and deplete its arsenal, but it also results in a flood of new recruits and foreign financial sponsorship. The challenges facing Hamas today threaten to truly bring the group to its knees.


In order to recruit, Hamas needs to keep the people satisfied, at least to a certain degree. That’s tough to do when Gaza’s electricity is being cut, leaving parts of the coastal enclave with power for a mere 45 minutes a day. Nor can that be blamed on Israel. For years, the Palestinians have failed to fully pay their Gaza electricity bill. And for years, Israel has kept the lights on anyway. As a means of pressuring Hamas, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is now telling Israel to stop doing that....

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