Hate Wedding and Demons Unleashed

Israel’s already divided society is being pulled further apart by the new specter of ‘Jewish terror’

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“Jewish terror” is fast becoming an agent of social inflammation threatening to widen the gaps in Israel. 

The killing of three members of the Dawabsha family from the Palestinian village of Duma last July should be marked as the point in time when the Israeli government authorized the Israel Security Agency (Shabak) to treat Jewish suspects of murder as full blown terrorists. This meant that suspension of legal aid and torture, reserved until now for Palestinian terrorists, could be used to extract information from Jews who until that point were considered criminals.

Rumors of torture that began to trickle down a few weeks ago were at first only a matter of concern for the suspects’ lawyers. It wasn’t long, however, before a growing number of people began protesting against what they perceived as inconceivable. Mobs carrying signs reading “a Jew does not torture a Jew” blocked roads and demonstrated opposite Shabak facilities.

On the fast day of Tevet 10 (Dec. 22), prominent rabbi Daniel Stavsky, who is a member of the “Nascent Sanhedrin” – an attempt to revive this ancient institution – charged the Shabak with nothing less than staging the Duma murder. 

“The Jewish Department of Shabak,” he stated, “is operating like a fascist organization implementing the policy of the European Union, the UN, the State Department and the rest of the new world order organizations together with their yea-sayers and agents within the Israeli political system.”

The inciting words of Stavsky didn’t go unnoticed. In an attempt to stop this murky tide, the Shabak released a wedding video in which Jewish settlers are dancing while waving knives and rifles. The particular scene that horrified the Israeli public was the stabbing of a photo of 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha, who died in the aforementioned suspected arson attack. 

It was no coincidence that the rabbi marrying the couple in this wedding video was none other than Stavsky.

This video, aired first by Channel 10 last Thursday, has caused right-wing politicians and rabbis to denounce this culture of hate in no uncertain terms. 

Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau has said what the majority of Israeli rabbis think that “this horrific identification with murder must be condemned in every way. Such behavior is not Jewish.” Head of Jewish Home party Naftali Bennett has said that “terror is terror and must be dealt with decisively.”

These denouncements, however, don’t seem to bring back into cage the demons unleashed by “Jewish terror.” 

Like so many other issues, this is being used to further inflame the already strained relationship between left and right. Following the “wedding of hate,” left-wing extremists now do their best to stigmatize the entire national religious camp and the political right. 

Mossi Raz of ultra-left Meretz party is as inciting as Stavsky when he says on his Facebook page that “the government of Israel arms these (settlers) people” and “allows them to build illegal settlements.” Former MK Avraham Burg, whose dream is to live in a non-Jewish democratic Israel, is now calling openly for “non-violent” undemocratic revolt that will put an end to the rule of the political right. 

One can only pray that Israel’s leaders find the way to put a lid on this Pandora’s box before the demons consume us all.

PHOTO: Israelis demonstrate with signs reading “A Jew doesn’t torture a Jew” and “Jews love Jews.” (Flash90)


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