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Helena Rubinstein was born on December 25, 1870 in Krakow, Poland as Chaya Rubinstein.

By Dov Eilon |
Helena Rubinstein
Photo: Wikipedia

Her father was a Jewish grocer. Chaya was the eldest of eight daughters. At the age of 18, she began studying medicine, but quit shortly after. Chaya then traveled to Australia, where she found employment with her uncle. Due to her milky complexion, local women were eager to buy the creams she was peddling. At first, she imported the creams, but later began making them herself using locally-sourced ingredients. In 1899, Rubinstein opened her first beauty salon in Melbourne.

Rubinstein later left the business in the hands of her sisters while she traveled to Paris to study under a well-known dermatologist. In 1907, she married a Polish journalist and had two sons. During that time, Rubinstein established...

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