MembersHell Freezes Over at the UN

Accustomed to preferential treatment, the Palestinians might’ve been most surprised of all

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It took everyone by surprise.

For decades, the United Nations has inexplicably (unless you consider an underlying spiritual agenda) bent over backwards to facilitate the Palestinian nationalist cause, and to sweep gross Palestinian violations of both signed agreements and human rights under the rug.

Consider that the so-called “Palestinian” Arabs are the only “refugee” population out of many genuine refugee populations in the world to have its own dedicated UN body, the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). 

Also consider that the UN Human Rights Council has never once censured the Palestinian Authority over documented institutionalized abuses, even as it routinely condemns Israel, often on the basis of little more than hearsay.

But this week, the tables appeared to turn, even if only a little.

For the first time ever, a Palestinian Authority representative (he was actually addressed as the representative from the fictional...

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