“Hineni” – Here Am I

The “Here am I” response in life for embarking on one’s mission of destiny.

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My new column is called “Hineni,” Hebrew for “Here am I.”

I didn’t just choose this name arbitrarily. My website in Hebrew, where I offer personal training and workshops, is called by this name (and also on social media). And now here at Israel Today, I also am choosing to call my column “Here am I.”

The word “Hineni” indicates that one is ready to be sent on one’s mission of destiny in life. Ready to fulfill it, even though there are, and will yet be difficulties in remaining faithful to this mission. Here I am – ready and willing to fulfill my destiny.

This word “Hineni” is found in several very important places in the Bible. And in a deeper reading you can see that every time this word is mentioned, it comes in the context of the mission of destiny.

It is fascinating to notice and grapple with this, even if it’s not always immediately obvious. And the biblical figures usually go through hardships and difficulties and extended time before their mission is fulfilled and made possible. You can hear this response “Hineni” expressed by most of the key characters in Genesis, and then by Moses, that great leader of the Jewish people.

With Abraham:

“And it came to pass, after these words, that God tested Abraham, and said to him, ‘Abraham,’ and he said, ‘Here am I.’ “ (Genesis 22:1)

With Jacob:

“And the Angel of the LORD said to me in a dream – ‘Jacob,’ and I said, ‘Here am I.'” (Genesis 31:11)

When Joseph is with his father Jacob (“Israel”) who sends him to see how his brothers are doing:

“And Israel said to Joseph, ‘Behold, your brothers are herding the flock in Shechem. Go, and I will send you to them.’ And he said to him, ‘Here am I.’ (Genesis 37:13)

With Moses, just before he sets out to lead the people of Israel from the land of slavery to the Land of Promise:

“And YHWH saw that he had turned aside to look; and God called to him from the midst of the bush, and said, ‘Moses, Moses.’ And he said, ‘Here am I.’ (Exodus 3:4)

These Bible heroes are some of the most important teachers in my life. Through them I understand God, and through these stories I better understand what God wants from me.

I recommend that you read these accounts. Take note that they are always about becoming dedicated to a task of destiny.

In this column I will give you a glimpse into the depths of my soul, my thoughts, my dreams, my understanding of phenomena in life. Events that happen to me, and what they teach me. I will “muse out loud” with you. I will give my interpretations of biblical stories. And the “canvas is still wide open,” because we never know what will happen to us every day.

I will try to be authentic and real, and offer you what speaks to my heart, convinced that many of these words will also meet your hearts. In fact, I have been doing this for years – sharing the thoughts of my heart with you. But now it will be under a unifying theme: “Hineni.”

I sincerely hope that you will find this column interesting and that it will add spice and variety to your life.


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2 responses to ““Hineni” – Here Am I”

  1. Kathleen Kroft says:

    Shalom Anat.
    I thank you for beautiful and encouraging words. I look forward to your writings. May the Lord bless you and keep you.


  2. Jürgen Buschhardt says:

    Hineni do what you want with me Amen

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