Hostage deal could bring ‘disaster’ on Israel, warns Ben-Gvir

The parties involved are still hashing out various technical issues, according to Israeli media.

By Charles Bybelezer | | Topics: Gaza, Hamas
Families of Israelis held hostage by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip hold up photographs outside of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art on Oct. 26, 2023. Photo by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90.
Families of Israelis held hostage by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip hold up photographs outside of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art on Oct. 26, 2023. Photo by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90.

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir warned on Tuesday that an emerging deal to secure the release of some hostages in exchange for a ceasefire in the war against Hamas could backfire.

Ben-Gvir said he was “very concerned” that the exact details of a potential agreement were not being divulged, and that members of the government are “not being told the truth.”

“The rumors are that the State of Israel is once again going to make a very, very big mistake in the style of the Shalit deal,” in which Jerusalem released over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners, including current Hamas chief in Gaza Yahyah Sinwar, in exchange for captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Many Palestinian terrorists freed in previous deals returned to terror, and unconfirmed reports suggest that some of them subsequently joined Hamas’s elite Nukba force and participated in the Oct. 7 massacre of 1,200 Israelis.

Ben-Gvir said that a deal could therefore “bring disaster,” adding that fuel being allowed into the Strip might end up being used by Hamas to power its terror machine.

The national security minister slammed the War Cabinet‘s acquiescence last week to a US demand that diesel fuel be regularly supplied to Gaza.

Hamas has also reportedly demanded that Israel refrain from using surveillance drones during any potential truce.

According to a Channel 12 report on Tuesday, Israel and Hamas are “very close” to a deal that would secure the release of some hostages being held by the Palestinian terror group in the Gaza Strip.

The report cited a senior Israeli official who said that while the sides have agreed to the outlines of an agreement, the parties are still hashing out various technical issues.

The deal under discussion would reportedly include the release of around 50 hostages, most likely women and children, in exchange for a ceasefire of 3-5 days. Ten hostages would be released per day, with additional captives possibly being released if the ceasefire is extended, according to the report.

Hamas is holding some 240 Israelis hostages in Gaza, who were captured during the terror group’s Oct. 7 invasion of Israel.

Also Tuesday, a Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the sides were at their “closest point” to a deal and had reached the “critical and final stage” of negotiations.

Qatar, along with Iran, is Hamas’s foremost financial backer and has reportedly been mediating indirect talks between the Palestinian terror group and Jerusalem.

On Monday, White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby similarly said that “we’re closer than we’ve been before” to finalizing a deal.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that Jerusalem is “meticulously” verifying the names on the list of Palestinian prisoners who could be released as part of the deal to ensure that none of them are connected to Hamas.

Egyptian sources told the Journal that one scenario would see a five-day pause in fighting and Hamas releasing 50 hostages on the first day, followed by 10 hostages each day that the truce is extended. Hamas would guarantee that mothers are not separated from their children, according to the report.

The Washington Post on Saturday reported on a similar framework of a potential deal.

According to the Egyptian officials, one of the main complications is the inability of Hamas to account for the whereabouts of the hostages it and other terror groups in Gaza are holding.


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8 responses to “Hostage deal could bring ‘disaster’ on Israel, warns Ben-Gvir”

  1. Lennie Joensen says:

    Once they realized that the hostages are held underground, they should’ve green lighted extreme bombing of the areas around all the hospitals, killing as many Hamas savages as possible. Then perhaps they could’ve gone into the tunnels.

  2. LarryFreeman says:

    I don’t think it’s a good time to second guess your leaders, it just causes more division. They have got to try to get the hostages back if they can, it will take many months to eliminate Hamas (years maybe?) I think all Israelis should have been prepared too loose all the hostages as soon as they were known to be taken. Many are likely dead already.
    Secondly and maybe even more important is you should not take prisoners (speaking of the prisoners in Israeli jails), G-d never did! All those sitting in jails should not be alive. It’s sad but israel has made its bed (secular fools) and the price will continue to be too high. What a mess. Very sad, very. I pray the hostages can be found, but obviously the IDF is not confident that they can be, why else are the considering a trade?
    Expect a lot of bloodshed yet. The years of placating the enemy is costing even more now. Lord give strength to the IDF!

  3. Susan says:

    It is such a horrendous swap: innocent Israelis for guilty Hamas. But, God knows the heart. I would not want to be in the decision-making room. People are marching, wanting the government to do more for the hostages. And, if what the government does goes awry, the government will still be blamed.
    Dear God in Heaven, give wisdom to all. There’s no good way to deal with the devil incarnate.

  4. Lennie Joensen says:

    Larry – it’s true that Israel should never have taken prisoners. They had 6,500 Hamas terrorists in prison before this war, as far as I know. It sounds like an awful lot, and I can hardly believe it. What a cost to the Israeli society. Israel should not tell the outside world about its plans with them!
    They should serve one big blow to Gaza. One! Don’t let ONE more IDF soldier die! I’m starting to wonder: are any hostages really alive. .? The image of the two small brothers on the arms of a Hamas beast. . . As the Saudi writer Rawff Bin-a-SA says: “Netanyahu, WHY don’t you burn these Palestinians and do the world a favor!?”
    We cannot have such people on earth.

  5. Mrs Francia Brader says:

    God said, “You are to devour all the peoples that Adonai your God hands over to you — show them no pity, and do not serve their gods, because that will become a trap for you.” Deuteronomy 7:16 CJB
    Israel’s government should not make a deal with Hamas. They have proven before that they cannot be trusted. This Scripture is clear, God command His people to devour (destroy) them. Israel should be reminded of what happened when Saul spared King Agag and co.
    May the God opened the eyes of understanding of the families of the hostages. May they know and experience God’s comfort during these times of great ordeal.

    • Lennie Joensen says:

      I agree! How could I not; it is the word of God, but any SANE person would have executed the terrorists in the Israeli prisons! Can someone Israeli pls explain to me what this is? Why will Israel not execute evil? Because of WW2?

      Is it Netanyahu that has made Israel weak? It appears weak, I’m sorry to say. Will Israel sacrifice thousands of soldiers (I hope not) to free a few hostages? Let’s get the kids out, but who were the corpses in the freezers in the hospital??. Approx 200, some with tattoos. Does it really mean that there are only those left that they plan on freeing?? And that’s why they can’t find the remaining, but only 30 kids?? I hope that no one with family that are held hostage sees my comment, because I would be absolutely frantic myself, if I had children and relatives being held there. Shalom from Denmark

  6. psalm100al says:

    Remember what Israel did in Entebbe, Uganda, 3rd July 1976? That was a high jacked Air France A300 Airbus bound from Tel Aviv to Paris, high jacked in Athens by 2 Philistines and 2 German RZ terrorists. Do the same for the hostages, Israel.

    Almighty God always said, no agreements or covenants with your enemies!
    Praying Israel will find where they are, supposing they are still alive and rescue all.

  7. Vernon Ryan says:

    Hamas nor any of those who support them can be trusted, they are using human shields to get what they want, but there is nothing to protect those being used to be executed at the last moment. Hamas has more than shown they care nothing for human lives, not even any of their own.
    The Lord has your back Israel, trust in Him and have no quarter with such an evil enemy, they will hurt you any way they can.

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