MembersHow a Palestinian Village Finally Made Peace With Israel

A rare and personal look at how Israelis and Palestinians are learning to live together

By Jason Silverman |
Photo: Jason Silverman

Throughout the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically altered life for billions of people around the world in many ways. Aside from the tragic loss of close family and friends, traveling abroad has become more cumbersome and tourism is still at an all-time low, work meetings and people-to-people interactions in general are more frequently held via video technology than in person, and uncertainty appears to have a greater place in the daily lives of many. It seems as if there is always a new wave or a new variant of coronavirus impending, leaving many worried about what set of restrictions will be imposed on them next.

However, the pandemic has not merely produced negative effects but has created positive opportunities as well.

One of the industries most affected by Covid-19 in Israel and in the areas under Palestinian control is tourism. Since Covid-19 first entered Israel just under two years ago, there have only been a few brief windows of time in which tourists could legally enter the country. Most...

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