MembersHow Does the Situation in Ukraine Affect Israel and the Greater Middle East?

As Israelis we must wonder, who will be emboldened to attack next after witnessing America’s weakness? God only knows!

Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

As we speak, close to four million Ukrainians have become refugees, as the war between Ukraine and Russia shows no sign of abating, and with Russia now carpet bombing huge areas of the Eastern European country. There are now about 8,000 Ukrainian refugees in the State of Israel with not much more than the clothes on their backs, and with many more likely to arrive. Many Jewish organizations like Yad L’Olim, Shavei Israel and others are rushing to help the Jewish refugees from Ukraine and to airlift them as quickly as possible to Israel. However, many non-Jewish Ukrainians have also taken refuge in the State of Israel and the Jewish state has to provide for their needs.

Meanwhile, MEMRI reported that Russia, in cooperation with the Assad regime and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, has started to recruit Syrians to fight against the Ukrainians. According to the report, about 60 members of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have gathered in Homs and Palmyra to sign up to fight for Russia in Ukraine. The question remains, how...

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