MembersHow Should Israel Approach the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis?

How does God expect Israel to treat the ‘stranger in our midst’? Is Israel ready for the massive waves of ‘end times’ immigration?

Ukrainian Jewish refugees find a new home in Israel. Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Terror-stricken faces, mothers holding crying babies in snow-covered streets, and long lines of abandoned cars as Ukrainians flee by foot to reach a friendly border – these are not the images of a post-apocalyptic Hollywood movie production. This is a nightmarish reality.

With the Russian-Ukrainian war still raging on with an unrelenting fury, over two million Ukrainian refugees have fled their homes to neighboring countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and other European Union countries, as well as Moldova.

Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail published a list of neighboring countries to Ukraine that have accepted refugees so far (as of March 8th):

  • Poland – 1,027,603
  • Other (Europe) – 183,688
  • Hungary – 180,163
  • Slovakia – 128,169
  • Moldova – 82,762
  • Romania – 78,977
  • Russia – 53,300
  • Belarus – 406

Since World War II, there has not been an immigration crisis as massive and heartbreaking as this.

When Jews fleeing Europe before World War II attempted to immigrate to Israel (Aliyah), then ruled by Britain, entry was limited to only 50,000-60,000 Jewish refugees. Now that Israel is under...

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