‘I have put My rainbow in the cloud’

A message in the midst of the storm.

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Faith
Photo by Anat Schneider

When I left the house earlier this week it was both raining and sunny – excellent conditions for the spectacular rainbow that appeared in the sky.

A rainbow always stops me in my tracks and leaves me in awe of the beauty of this natural phenomenon, this optical “illusion,” wherein all the colors come together and create perfect harmony. Almost always, and on that morning as well, I stopped to take pictures until satisfied I had captured the beauty as much as possible. After I took the photos and got into the car and started driving, thoughts began to come to my mind about the wonderful colored archway that drew me to it, that gave me a momentary feeling I was in another dimension.

A rainbow, after all, is not at its essence a natural phenomenon. It is an important message from God.

It’s a sign from God that He remembers the covenant made with man after the disaster of The Flood, in which He destroyed most of the world. This message reminds us that God has promised not to repeat the destruction of the world again.

Not because we are good and perfect, but only because of His promise to Noah and humanity. Humanity today sins and transgresses on the same scale as at the time of The Flood. Humans still fight each other, kill, rape, loot, destroy and wreak havoc. Even a brief overview of the world today reveals how much destruction and evil is being sown by man at this very moment. If God had not made the promise of the rainbow, He would probably have brought another flood of judgment by now.

The rainbow is a reminder that we are sinners and should start changing our ways.

The rainbow is a reminder of God’s great love that is unconditional.

The rainbow is a reminder that man’s inclination is evil from his youth, but not at his creation. On the contrary, when God completed all the works of creation by creating man, He saw and said that it was “very good.”

That is, at that foundational creation level we are good, even “very good.” If we might just stop for a moment and look at this and take this divine message in, we can if we want to, make a different choice in life and return to the good. We can choose the good over the bad.

We can live in harmony with all the colors that exist in the world, just like the rainbow that contains all the colors; despite their differences, thus creating harmony and leaving us in awe of this beauty. The rainbow is the message from God reminding us. All this is possible. We are not there yet, but (as Theodore Herzl once said) if we will it, it is no dream.

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