In Protesting Ayatollah Regime, Iranians Shout ‘Death to Palestine’

Videos posted to social media show Iranians expressing their true feeling regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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For years, the only images of Iranians engaging the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that were approved for broadcast were of Iranians cursing the Jewish state.

But, for just as long, the older generation of Israelis have been reminding everyone that the people of Iran were previously their warmest allies in the region.

In other words, those anti-Israel demonstrations in Tehran reflected more the ayatollahs' agenda than the genuine sentiments of most Iranians.

On Monday, Iranians took to the streets of Tehran to protest against their oppressive regime. Their primary focus was on domestic issues. But, when they did turn to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, guess what they shouted? "Death to Palestine" was the call replacing the "Death to Israel" they had been so long forced to chant by the ayatollahs.

The protests, which turned violent in several places, were sparked by Iran's crumbling economy, the result of a defiant nuclear program and unrepentant Iranian support for regional terrorist organizations.

Among the chief beneficiaries of Iranian patronage have been the Lebanese militia Hezbollah and the Palestinian terror group Hamas, both of which were founded for and remain dedicated to Israel's destruction.

Iranians have grown tired of their regime involving them in conflicts in which they have no interest at the expense of the nation's economic prosperity.

Videos posted to social media showed the demonstrators chanting slogans like "Death to Palestine," "No to Gaza, no to Lebanon," and "Leave Syria and think of us."

Many Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, remain convinced that were the regime of the ayatollahs to fall, Iran would return to being a close and strong ally to the Jewish state, as it was prior to the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

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