Iranian Jews Say They Hate Israel

Pretty sure they are sucking up to their Islamic overlords… but, who knows?

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Iran
Iranian Jews say they hate Israel.
Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Is it a case of Stockholm syndrome? Are they afraid for their lives? Who knows. But it does seem odd that many Iranian Muslims have recently refused to disrespect Israel, while Iran’s Jewish community has gone to pains to make sure everyone knows that it hates the Jewish state.

It should also be remembered that Iran’s jihadist leaders haven’t only attacked Israel, but also openly deny the Nazi Holocaust that attempted to wipe out the Jewish people.

At any rate, brainwashed or not, frightened or not, leading figures in Iran’s Jewish community were featured on Al Mayadeen television last week to explain why they oppose Israel just as much as the ayatollahs.

Homayoun Sameyah Abadi, head of the Jewish community in Tehran, said he and his fellow Jews see in Israel “an enemy that must be fought.”

He further claimed that in Iran, Jews “enjoy full religious freedom,” and that “since the establishment of the Islamic Republic, there hasn’t been a single attack on a synagogue.”

Israel, insisted Abadi, “is a Zionist political entity that has no religious value. Real Jews do not recognize Israel, and see in her a violation of our faith.”

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