Iraqis Plant Trees in Israel to Promote Peace

“Our children and the next generations deserve to live in peace and deserve to secure their future”

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Iraq
Illustration. Jews and Arabs plant trees together. Photo: Haytham Ashtiyeh/Flash90

The Virtual Embassy of Iraq in Israel ( notified us this morning of a new initiative to plant trees in the Jewish State as a means of promoting peace between the countries.

Members of the group indicated that they had planted several trees in Israel via the Jewish National Fund, and were pleased to let both Israelis and Iraqis know about the effort.

A statement released by the Virtual Embassy of Iraq read:

“We planted these trees to express the willingness of the Iraqi people to bring peace with Israel and its people in the near future. Our children and the next generations deserve to live in peace and deserve to secure their future.”

(Would you like to plant a tree in Israel? Click here to learn how)

The Virtual Embassy of Iraq in Israel is not connected to the Iraqi government or any other authority. Rather, it is a group of “independent activists working for peace between Iraq and Israel,” as clarified on its website.

The organization operates on two fronts. One is facilitating online dialogue between Iraqis and Israelis via its “virtual embassy.” The other is lobbying the Iraqi government through its parent organization, Project Bright Future, to normalize relations with the Jewish State.

Israel Today spoke with the project’s directory, Ali A., back in 2017, at which time he assured us that there are “millions of Iraqis” who support and even love Israel.

“Project Bright Future was founded in 2011 to establish relations with Israel on the basis of friendship and common interests,” Ali A. explained at the time. “Our mission is to prepare the ground for this strategic relationship by establishing channels of communication. We believe that Israel is not our enemy.”

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