Is the coronavirus just a conspiracy? Nati Shohat/Flash90

Is the Coronavirus Just a Conspiracy?

There are many theories about the severe global reaction to COVID-19. Are any of them true?


With each week, more restrictions are added on top of the older ones, making our return to normal seem farther and farther down the calendar. The enemy is an invisible one and isolation is the weapon of choice. But leading such a passive campaign we can’t help but ask ourselves, “Is it really that bad? Are the stakes really that high, that the world governments are willing to let the economy topple down?”

With much time on our hands and with the aid of technology, conspiracy theories pop up in the interwebs like mushrooms after a rainy day. Here is quick rundown of some of the more popular ones.

Raising suspicion

Probably the main reason to raise enough suspicion is the seemingly disproportionate reaction to the coronavirus outbreak. While it is a real virus, no doubt, many people have made the comparison with the influenza virus in order to show that the measures taken are superfluous, considering the aftermath.

The Washington Post reported that influenza — known as the common flu — has…