Is Wonder Woman Also a Mossad Agent?

Leading Arab newspaper “outs” Wonder Woman actress and proud Israeli Gal Gadot as a Mossad spy

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So, Wonder Woman is supposed to be part goddess, a daughter of Zeus, but she's also apparently an Israeli spy.

It's a great source of pride for the Jewish state that the modern incarnation of Wonder Woman is being played by proud Israeli actress Gal Gadot.

But Gadot found herself cast in a very different role this week by the Lebanese newspaper Al Liwaa.

The Beirut-based daily was reporting on the arrest last Friday of Lebanese actor and playwright Ziad Itani on charges of espionage.

According to that and other reports, Itani had been successfully recruited by the Mossad, and was caught gathering intelligence on senior Lebanese government officials on behalf of Israel.

Al Liwaa needed a photo of the Israeli agent who turned Itani, identified as one Collette Vianfi, so it published a shot of the most famous and attractive Jewess it could find – Gal Gadot!

Other Lebanese newspapers and online media outlets immediately pointed out the error, and Al Liwaa's editorial staff issued an apology.

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