ISIS Rings Bound for ‘Palestine’ Confiscated by Israel

Israeli Customs intercept shipment of 120 silver-and-gold rings bearing ISIS slogans to be sold in Ramallah

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Israeli Customs agents earlier this month discovered 120 rings bearing ISIS slogans bound for a jewelry shop in the de facto Palestinian Authority capital of Ramallah.

Like all packages transiting via Ben Gurion Airport en route to the Palestinian Authority, this particular package from a seller in Turkey underwent strict security checks.

During the course of these checks, an Israeli agent well versed in Arabic noticed the now-famous ISIS slogans and immediately informed superiors.

Israeli Customs will destroy the merchandise, barring a successful appeal by the Palestinian buyer.

But that doesn’t lessen the concern over the fact that in the Palestinian Authority-controlled territories, there is apparently a market for merchandise promoting the ISIS ideology.

“The thought that there are people who affiliate themselves with a murderous agenda like ISIS is simply shocking,” one Customs agent told Israel’s Ynet news portal. “A large number of rings mean that there are buyers. It’s scary and shocking to know that in the lands of the Palestinian Authority there are those who support that murderous organization.”

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