Israel Aids Storm-Ravaged Island Nation

Light Unto the Nations: Residents of Vanuatu thank Israel for its selfless assistance in their hour of need

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Israeli international aid organization IsraAID has dispatched an emergency team to the Oceanic island nation of Vanuatu after it was ravaged by a tropical cyclone.

More than 90 percent of the population of 250,000 has reportedly been left homeless and destitute by Tropical Cyclone Pam.

IsraAID is joined in providing food and other basic needs by several other international aid agencies, as well as UN and local government bodies.

Additionally, IsraAID will provide medical assistance and psychological programs to help the citizens of Vanuatu deal with the trauma of their ordeal.

Both the government of Vanuatu and local victims expressed great appreciation for IsraAID and Israelis in general for their willingness to provide voluntary aid. Many Israel-loving local residents reportedly followed the IsraAID team around during its first days on the ground in a demonstration of gratitude.

PHOTO: Courtesy of IsraAID.

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