Israel and Jordan in Diplomatic Showdown Over Amman Embassy Attack

Jordan wants to interrogate Israel Embassy guard who killed attacker, but Israel is protecting him

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Tensions between Israel and Jordan were already building over the past week after Jerusalem reinstalled metal detectors at the Temple Mount following a fatal terrorist shooting there.

The Jordanian government is the official overseer of the Muslim holy sites occupying the Temple Mount, though security is supposedly in Israel's hands.

Now, relations between the neighboring countries appear to be on the brink of collapse after Jordanian terrorist attacked an Israeli embassy security guard in Amman.

The security officer was stabbed yesterday (23 July 2017) by a Jordanian worker who had entered the Israel Embassy compound for routine furniture replacement.

The security officer, the Jordanian landlord and two Jordanian workers were present. One of the workers attacked the Israeli security official from the rear and began stabbing him with a screwdriver. 

The security official, who was slightly wounded, defended himself.  During the incident, the Jordanian worker was killed, but the landlord was injured as well. He later died of his wounds.

In accordance with the Vienna Convention, the security officer has immunity from investigation and imprisonment.

But Jordan is demanding Israel hand him over for interrogation and possible conviction. The terrorist's family claim he was "shot in cold blood" and is now a "martyr."

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