Israel Can Always Rely on Australia

Australian leader says his government “doesn’t buy” allegations of wrongdoing by the Jewish state

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Australia
Photo: World Zionist Organization

Prime Minister Scott Morrison received the Jerusalem Prize from the World Zionist Organization for supporting the Jewish community in Australia and the State of Israel. “Israel can always rely on Australia,” he said.

“I am proud that Australia has given refuge to Holocaust survivors more than any other country,” the prime minister said at the award ceremony in Sydney. “Israel can always rely on Australia. Australia and Israel’s friendship has never even been bumpy. We have always recognized the right of the State of Israel to exist, and will continue to support this for as long as we have breath,” he declared.

Prime Minister Morrison received the award with the participation of Israel’s Ambassador to Australia Mark Sofer and other leaders of the Australian Jewish community. The award is a shofar overlaid with a silver olive branch and the gold-plated emblem of First Zionist Congress. The Jerusalem Prize is awarded annually to “anyone who is consistently devoted to the support of the Jewish community and strengthens and maintains the connection with Israel and Jerusalem.”

Morrison added: “It is incomprehensible that the UN, an organization founded on the idea of protecting the world from the kind of atrocities committed in World War II, has allowed antisemitism to seep into the discourse under the guise of human rights concern. I don’t buy it, my government doesn’t buy it,” the prime minister said at the ceremony.  “We recognize the true nature of Israel and her friendship and stand by her. Under this government, we have established a Commerce and Defense Bureau in Jerusalem to tighten our ties in these fields,” he said.

Morrison has served as prime minister since August 2018, and is known to be an enthusiastic supporter of Israel in the international arena and as a true friend of the Jewish community. Joshua Braverman, head of the Diaspora Department, said during the ceremony: “Unlike other countries, Australia has realized that anti-Zionism is a coverup of the modern antisemitism that is growing around the world. Australia stood by Israel every time someone tried to de-legitimize or demonize Zionism, and when attempts were made to underestimate the importance of or do harm to the Jewish community in Australia. Australia’s actions in favor of Israel and the Jewish community have been part of our country’s leadership over the years. But, Mr. Prime Minister, you are worthy of a special recognition,” he pointed out as he presented the award to Prime Minister Morrison.

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